Aqua Modem goes to the South Pacific!

At the end of July 2007, the Aquamodem team took the aquamodem to be tested on the Tahitian island of Moorea. The system was able to communicate at a remarkable 330 meters. To see the presentation summarizing the results click here (for the power point) or here for a pdf version .If you are having a difficult time viewing the movie imbedded in the ppt, click here download the movie seperately.



What is an Aqua Modem?

The Aqua Modem is NOT a super hero with cape, it IS an underwater acoustic communication device being designed and built by a techinical consortium of UC Santa Barbara and SonaTech Inc. The goal of the Aqua Modem is to provide a 133 bps data rate with a range of 300 meters. The modem will be incorporated into the overall Aquanode, which serves to provide a wireless underwater platform for remote eco-sensing and whatever else the general populace can dream up. Feel free to explore this website and come back often. The site will be updated often with the current developement.

To get a good overview of project, look at the presentation given at ITC 2006.

Swimming pool test set up, performed October 20th, 2006.

Multi-path intensity profile, with number of hypothosized paths is estimated by modem.

Multi-path intensity profile, with number of hypothosized paths is hard coded by user.